rubeka – new way of shopping second hand items

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There’s a new attraction in town, and I like it! Rubeka Rumah Pamer dan Kopi (Rubeka Show-house and Coffee) is a place where you will find second hand paraphernalia. It is owned by owners of current online second-hand goods in Batam. What makes this place special is the ambiance. It reminds me of the plenty small shophouses in Europe with cute little things to sell, wall to wall. Most furnitures are self-made from used pallets or other conifer woods, except the bar area where you order your beverage.

While checking on the stuff, you can also sit and chat while sipping one of the many coffee-based (and a few non-coffee based) beverages. Take a selfie, or some selfie(s), or take a picture of any of the items there. And if you have items to sell, drop them here to have the shop showcase them for you.

It’s a new concept of shopping good second hand items. From a selection of printers, cameras, to the plentiful of children toys and books and what-more, you will enjoy your stay here. And if you are interested in one (or more) of the items, just grab them. Most of the stuff are fast moving items, that you see today but may be gone tomorrow.

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