the almost abandoned Braga Bandung

Braga 005

Braga Street, Bandung. This used to be the place of the jet set. That is, during the colonial times. But even after those times, it continued to be a popular place for food and architectural history. Until early 2000, when new malls and other modern buildings started  to steal its visitors.

When I passed by this street a few months back, it was like passing an abandoned area: empty restaurants, closed cafes, and (according to my daughter) haunted houses. Street artists sitting in emptiness, waiting for potential customers who would buy their oil paintings.

I hope it was just a quiet afternoon. I hope Braga is still alive. It has to be alive, it has a lot of history. Here’s a short glimpse of that afternoon.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Braga 002

Braga 003

Braga 001

Braga 004

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