a fun pre-wedding session

One fine day… no, actually it was one hot afternoon. I have just wrapped up my visit to Bandung’s historical Asia-Africa street and was walking back to my lodge, when the following scene popped up out of nowhere.

Two very young couple was preparing their pre-wedding photos. That’s right: under the hot sun, in between the traffic jam. I stopped to observe the photographer, but changed focus to the young couple – clearly the wife to be was the dominant one. I couldn’t resist but to grab my camera and shot a few frames.

Then an elderly Caucasian couple passed by. They too were fascinated by the scene, and followed my lead in taking pictures. For a while this looked like a photo session – a free one!

After a few clicks, wife-to-be said something like “Oh c’mon, let’s take picture together, Uncle!” No, she was not addressing me (and how could she?). Uncle and Aunty stood by them… wait… the photographer’s assistant also looked to this chance and without hesitation went in! Great! It was a happy session: everybody smiled.

I hope the young couple had a great wedding party and live happily ever after.

Enjoy your weekend!

Street prewed 001

Street prewed 002

Street prewed 003

Street prewed 004

Street prewed 005

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