BIN House: exquisite performance in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2023

I have waited for this particular show ever since the pandemy started, 3 years back. And it was worth the wait: BIN House didn’t disappoint; as a matter of fact, I think this was its best show so far. BIN House has been supporting Jakarta Fashion Week for 9 years; this year is its 10th year. The uniqueness of BIN’s performance is its fluent mixture of couture and art. For my untrained eyes, BIN’s choice of colors have always been more than pleasant.

Lambaian Kain, the theme selected for this year’s show, was carefully selected after observing current trend, according to Airlangga Sjah Komara, Head of Marketing BIN House. We were entertained not only by the combination of colors, but also by the fact that some the designs are totally wearable for daily activities (compare this show with, for instance, the one in JFW2020 here). One of the models, Ayu Luthfiani, in her Instagram account mentioned that she was asked to go onto the runway acting as an irritating girl (I guess to depict daily atmosphere), in which she nailed it. Check out her expression here.

Head of Marketing BIN House, Airlangga Sjah Komala, briefing us during JFW 2023 press conference.

I lost count on how many looks exactly was showed, but the 30 minutes show stole the day, and I can’t wait to see what BIN House has in mind for JFW 2024 next year!

[RS Media/ranan samanya]


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