Indonesia Fashion Week 2023: Gorontalo Show Off

Agus Lahinta collection.

This is Gorontalo! If this is your first time hearing it, Gorontalo is a province in the norhtern part of Sulawesi (Celebes) Island. Indonesia Fashion Week 2023 opening day showcased two talented designers from this region, each brought along uniqueness. The first to appear was Agus Lahinta. He brought along outfits under Odu Olo theme, a Gorontalo language which means thank you. Terracota, green and mustard colours were dominant in his creation, with lovely patterns such as whale, tatudi flower and maleo bird decorating them.

Dana Duriyatna, on the other hand, started the show with bold appearances by his models, walking in fast pace in darkness through one row of harsh spotlights on t he runway (check out my Instagram for these entry pictures). Ten looks all men’s fashion from Duriyatna feels masculine, trendy and well suited for the young and energetic. Patches of Gorontalo ornaments can be seen here and there, as if marking the pieces with Gorontalo’s characteristics.

Thus two Gorontalo designers, two different approaches, both with fine details. I like them! Smart choice by the organizer of Indonesia Fashion Week 2023.

[RS Media/ranan samanya]

Priya: ten men’s outfit by Dana Duriyatna.

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