Indonesia Fashion Week 2023: a blastful cultural opening

Lenggang Pesona Dara dance.

Indonesia Fashion Week 2023 was officially opened this morning, and what an opening it was; befit an event that has lasted for 10 years. After opening speech by founder of APPMI Poppy Dharsonno and minister Sandiaga Uno from the Ministry of Creative Economy and Tourism, Jaya Suprana was called upon to give his speech and introduction to his prodigy, Michael Anthony Kwok, who then played Jaya Suprana’s reknown piece Fragmen. Michael Anthony’s blindness and autism didn’t hinder him to flawlessly complete the song. Michael then accompanied Iskandar Widjaya who played his rendition of Sundari Soekotjo’s Sepasang Mata Bola on his violin while Syandria danced around him. The opening was also liven up by Maria Calista who sang Rayuan Pulau Kelapa.

From dance to songs to musical isntruments: there was so much Indonesian cultural showcase this morning. SO many awesomeness that entertained not only foreign guests, but also us Indonesians, including the media people covering the entire session from the pit.

I must say kudos to the organisers for a splendid opening of Indonesia Fashion Week 2023: Sagara dari Timur.

[RS Media/ranan samanya]

Poppy Dharsono, Sandiaga Uno, and Jaya Suprana.

Maria Calista performing Rayuan Pulau Kelapa with Kezia on the keyboard.

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