almost a self portrait


Fisrt of all, this is not a selfie. I was coaching my friend and apprentice Wendy. She wanted to get ready for her next vacation with better than usual pictures (of her and her gang, but I think mostly of her). So I brought her on a photo-walk day.

When we took a break and had lunch in this not-that-bad Historia Food and Bar (warning: they allow smokers) in the old Jakarta area, she held my X100-f and played a while with it. And took a few shots through the LCD.

This particular frame that she did, I think is one of the best she took. Not because I was in the frame, but because it captured the atmosphere of the restaurant. This frame also showed that the X100-f can easily be used by newbies, and the seven different settings that we can preset really is a big help.

And if you ask, yes, this is an SOOC frame in JPEG, acros simulation. Well, except that I corrected the horizontal level and perspective in Lr, and did a little cropping.

Thank you all for stopping by, oh and thank you Wendy for this lovely shot!


brilliant use of underwear

sleeping baby on underwear.jpg

One afternoon I went for a street hunting at the traditional market in Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta. At one corner a couple was selling all sorts of underwear for ladies and gents. And on top was their two months old baby fast asleep.

I asked a permission to take a snapshot. The husband asked only one thing – no flash. So I took one quick shot, said thank you to them, and continued exploring the market.

Maybe I’ll print this, go back to the market and give it to the couple.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend all!


love awakens thy soul

love awakens thy soul.jpg

Last night at the opening of One Child One Life Projekt photo exhibition, there was this performance of ukulele. What made this performances so special is the kid. While HIV has weakened his body, his recovery was aided when he found passion in music, through ukulele.

Accompanying him is Natasya Evalyne Sitorus. Tasya has been working with Lentera Anak Pelangi, the non profit organisation behind this event, since 2009 as Advocacy Manager. She is a passionate character who cares about humanity and personal development since high school.

But Tasya is not alone. In my short encounters with Lentera Anak Pelangi and its activities in mentoring those with HIV in Jakarta, I am blessed to have met some of her friends and colleagues: advisor Evadana Rachmat and program director Nita Anggriawan (whom I have known since high school), psychosocial specialist Stella Anjani, educator Rudi Mulia, case manager Nurmulyani, and its founder and advisor prof. Irwanto.

They all share a few common characters: they are passionate, they care, and they give love.

If you would also like to share your care and love to those unfortunate souls who are living with HIV, please contact Lentera Anak Pelangi.

The photo exhibition is held in Kunstkring Art Gallery, 1 Teuku Umar street, Jakarta, and is open for public until 31 march 2017.



Yes, vivid colours. And sharpness. And smiles, plenty of smiles. Happy faces. And laughs. And giggles. And… kids! You got it: it’s a reunion, sort of. About ten years ago, most of us were a bunch of happy singles working together in a company in what most felt as an almost remote island. Although, with frequent ferry connection to Singapore, it’s not.

Anywaaaaay…, last Sunday we gathered in a public park in Jakarta. Taman Suropati is the name of  the park, in Menteng area. A clean spacious public park with street musicians and all. Chit-chatting. Playing. And group pictures. This one astonished me. So here it is.

Hope you can also feel the excitement. Have a good week ahead and thank you for stopping by!

Oh, BTW, this was taken with a 4-years old Fujifilm X100s with a WCL (wide conversion lens), and a Nissin i40 flash on TTL for fill-in.

worship for ancestors


So this is (Chinese) New Year. The time of the year where viharas are full with people, praying for luck, prosperity, and longevity. Worshipping their ancestors. With incense, burning paper, and offerings. And oranges – mandarin oranges.

The Budhi Bhakti Vihara in Batam is one of such. As a matter of fact, the number of worshippers are so high that the smoke from the incense filled about half of the compound.

There are quite a number of points where you can pray. This is one at the entrance after the gate behind (where worshippers are also crowding). I was focusing on the front side, but when I looked back I saw this silhouette, and took a few frames with my pocket camera.

I hope you like it. Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!

welcoming the year of the rooster

Chinese candles.jpg

Just as you usher in lights, lanterns and other forms of illuminations to welcome the New Year,
may the New Year usher in for you new hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Chinese zither a.k.a guzheng, up close


A close look of a Chinese traditional music, a Chinese zither or guzheng, being played. This instrument went back 2,500 years in history, making this an ancient, pre-historic music instrument. I was amazed by the way they wear the finger picks, and by the precise movement of the fingers. Modern guzheng like this has 21 strings, and plucks can be made with either the right hand or both right and left hands.

Do let me know if any of you have any experience playing a 21 strings instrument like this.

Thank you for stopping by, folks!