Panoramas – Ha Long

Time for panoramas. Due to the many interesting and unique objects scattered in Ha Long bay, it is very nice to have panorama images. These are pictures stitched together from several frames. All were shot with a handheld Canon EOS 7D using EF 24-105 f/4.0L IS USM at 24mm. You need to open the high resolution images to see more details.

With ISO 400 and f/13.0, I was able to do a quick shooting while the cruise was moving. The exposure was all above 1/100sec. Shades of dark blue was the artefact from CPL filter, which should be easy to correct digitally, but I prefer to leave it this way.

Still in ISO 400 and an aperture of f/11.0, 5 frames were used to make this image. It was in the morning just before breakfast. Our cruise was still anchored off Cat Ba island (at the back). Two other cruises were also anchored here for the evening before. Because CPL filter is only optimal at 90 degrees from the sun, the three rightmost frames were not as polarised as the other two, resulting in a brighter colour. Similar with the first one, this should be easily corrected digitally, but this time I was too lazy to do it.

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