laundry pegs for my Calliandra

Calliandra 001

There are times when laundry pegs are not used for laundry, but as tools to get where I want with my photos.

This Calliandra haematocephala was full of flowers, but the tree is in my front garden where other big trees are, and shooting at 5pm didn’t get the light that I wanted. So I plucked a flower and brought it to my backyard, where more light was still available.

I took two of my laundry pegs, and hung the flower onto my wife’s pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli). We can always use 1 peg, but by using 2 pegs we can control the position easier. I then chose one corner of my green wall as the background and took the shot.

That’s how I spent my sunday afternoon. I hope you have had a lovely sunday as well. Thank you for dropping by and see you around!

Calliandra 002


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