Dennis and Verlina: tears of happiness

DennisVerlina 015

Here’s what happened when two young emotional birds got married: A simple Chinese tradition where the groom needed to knock the door to his bride’s house, and rejected more than 10 times by his parents in law (to be precise, his mother in law), and to be let in only after a long poetic password has been spelled out correctly. A BIG smile from the groom when he finally got to see his bride. Then a simple church ceremony with tears in between… by the groom (and later by his parents in law). A few comforting words between the groom and the bride, also in between the tears. And finally, a smile from each of their family members.

That was part one. Add to that a torrential downpour that destroyed almost all the cute non-waterproof decorations, but failed to ruin their happiness, in the first ever Bintan Resorts Reservoir Park open-air wedding reception. A quick and fun tea-ceremony. Cakes and all. First dance! A kiss that was almost french (nope, I’m not showing it here). And yet another tears from the bride when the groom sang a song that apparently has a very deep meaning to both of them.

Phew! I’m lucky I was not the official photographer, or else I would have broken down in tears as well! Have a happy life with hopefully less tears, Dennis and Verlina!

DennisVerlina 001

DennisVerlina 002

DennisVerlina 003

DennisVerlina 004

DennisVerlina 005

DennisVerlina 006

DennisVerlina 007

DennisVerlina 008

DennisVerlina 009

DennisVerlina 023

DennisVerlina 010

DennisVerlina 011

DennisVerlina 012

DennisVerlina 024

DennisVerlina 014

DennisVerlina 013

DennisVerlina 016

DennisVerlina 018

DennisVerlina 017

DennisVerlina 019

DennisVerlina 020

DennisVerlina 021

DennisVerlina 022

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